Casual Dating Rules For Fuckbook of Sex Sites

Free Fuckbook Online Dating Rules

If you’re not familiar with a site like fuckbook, then you must be new to casual dating. It’s a new popular trend that will certainly get you laid. You may meetup with people once or twice or even every week. It’s really up to you have often you want to see them. Let me get right into some of the important rules of casual dating through fuckbook sites.

Fuckbook Videos

If you’re a member of Fuckbook then it’s a rule that you view some of the fuckbook videos on the site. Trust me, you’ll thank me for making this rule. It’s a great way to view the goods before the meetup, if you know what I mean! It’s also suggested that you upload a fuckbook video, even if it’s just a teaser to get others excited about meeting up with you. Don’t waste time messaging people if they don’t have at least one video or picture. They aren’t serious casual daters if they don’t.

Don’t Share Your Fuckbook Login

Another major rule is that you never share your fuckbook login with anyone. This is because you’re going to be posting naked pictures of yourself and you don’t want your friends to find out about it and share the pictures with anyone else. Everyone is really cool and abides by this rule, which means you can rest assured that anyone on the site is just here to get laid and not to do anything bad. To prevent that, I never share my fuckbook logins to any of the sites ever.

Date Multiple People

It’s a known fact that casual dating means non-exclusivity. That being said, it’s a rule that you not get attached to someone and the only way to do that is to date multiple people. Dating on a hookup site like the fuckbook of sex means multiple hookups with many partners. That’s the whole point! So get out there and set up more than one encounter please!

Be Yourself

When you’re trying to hook up with someone, you don’t want to come off as another type of individual do you? Of course not, it’s best to be yourself and find the right casual sex partner that you are compatible with on fuckbook. This means not doing or acting like something you aren’t. ALl you need to do is be you and try to hookup with as many partners as you can until you find a few that you like to have sex with on the regular.

It’s as easy as that! So, get out there and start searching profiles for a hookup partner. You can thank me later!

Pros and Cons of Date Hookup Friends

My Personal Date Hookups Pros & Cons List

Let’s face it, having someone to hookup with on the regular is really awesome. There’s nothing like having that ace in your back pocket to make the hand you’re playing that much easier. However, you can’t always win and just like with everything else there are some pros and cons to both. This morning while having my coffee I decided to write down a few pros and cons that are important to understand should you be looking for to start a hookups relationship with someone you know.

Pro: Always Someone to Have Hookup With

There’s no doubt about it that always having someone to hookup with is awesome. It means you don’t have to worry about trying to find someone that wants to have sex with you. Make a phone call, meet up and get busy! This is one of the main reason why I love having a friend to hookup with. It eliminates a lot of the headache and work needed to score with someone for a night.

Pro: No Expensive Date  Necessary

Another fantastic thing about having hookup partner is that you don’t have to waste your time and money taking someone out on an expensive date. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than going out to dinner and spending a ton of money trying to impress a girl and then being let down not even getting any action. Having a date hookup eliminates this and makes it cheap, easy and frankly more fun!

Pro: You Can Have Other Casual Dates

Rule of thumb, a hook up or fuckbuddy doesn’t mean exclusivity. All it means is that you’re hooking up with them and have casual sex. Although there is no official handbook I’d say you’re safe to go on casual dates with any other person you’d like. Best to try and keep them discrete of course for safe measures though. I’ve casually dated many girls at a time and had my datehookup friend on the side when needed. You should do the same.

Now, I’m going to get into the cons here just to be fair, but I want you to know that the pros always outweigh the cons when it comes to having someone on the side to hookup with. That’s why there are so many dating sites like Fling, Fuckbook and SocialSex. They are all intended to connect people that want to have a casual hookup partner in their back pocket.

Con: Someone May Get Attached

When you’re hooking up with someone, it’s always possible that one person may develop stronger feelings than the other. This really is a chance that you’ve got to take and it’s so worth taking it. However, sometimes it can cause the friendly hookup relationship status to dissipate. Just keep that in mind and look for signs of attachment. Get out and find a new Fuck buddy if that’s the case.

Con: Hookups  Not Be Available Forever

Okay, so the reality is, some people just like to settle down instead of bouncing around having random sex forever. This is certainly okay and not a bad thing necessarily. But, that being sad, you’re friend that you’ve been having no strings attached casual sex with may not be there for you forever. This is totally okay in my book and don’t let this deter you from it. Nothing in life lasts forever!

With all that being said, I strongly suggest you look for a local person to develop a date hookup relationship with because it’s always awesome to have someone easy to get it on with! Check some of the dating reviews that I wrote on my experiences and take it from there. You can easily find someone online in your local area and develop a casual no strings attached relationship with them in a matter of minutes. Good luck!

PUA Rules for Meeting Women on Adult Dating Sites

PUA Training Tips for Adult Dating Site Members

Some may think that adult dating sites are like the Wild Wild West and anything goes. Well, in some cases, this is correct. However, if you want to connect with some super hot women and get laid then if suggest following the rules listed below. Taking care to follow each one will likely have you banging a different girl every night of the week. If others have applied these rules and they work, then they will work for you as well. I’ve limited this post to four simple tips to help you focus on a few key factors for starters.

Rule 1: Ask Her What She Likes

Don’t focus on yourself when communicating with women on adult dating sites. Instead, focus on them! A simple and great way to do this is to immediately start the conversation off by letting any woman you connect with know that your real interest is finding out what their sexual interests are. The objective is to convince the women that you’re interested and able to fulfill their every desire.

Rule 2: Don’t Be Too Shy

Women love a confident man. They want someone that is ready to take action and give them the satisfaction that they yearn. That means taking action and showing them that you’re not afraid to take chances and get things done. Do yourself a favor and show the women that you’re a normal guy too though.

Rule 3: Show Your Face Before Your Dick

Unlike what many might think, women who are on casual adult dating sites are not only interested in seeing your johnson. Instead, they are interested knowing a bit about who you first and then putting a big johnson to the face. This will get you laid quicker than just whipping your schlong out. Trust me on this one!

Rule 4: Meet At A Local Bar

If you’re objective is to attract and convince a horny local woman that wants to fuck to actually have sex with you then I’d suggest bringing her to a local bar and sharing a few cold drinks and stories. This is one really simple and cheap way to get a girl to open up to you. Plus, a little bit of liquid courage is a good way to increase your confidence.

Taking my advise and acting on even one or two of these rules is almost a guarantee to get you laid. I’ve done so myself and I can guarantee that it will happen. Especially if you try and do so on casual adult dating sites like Fuckbook and Fling.

Socialsex Network Will Get You Laid

SocialSex Dating Website Review

My Initial Thoughts On The SocialSex Dating Site

Normally I would not think about going to a dating website to find love or even just to get laid quickly. However, due to my busy schedule I found that it was time for me to have a nice sexual encounter with someone. However, I did not want to spend time having to deal with a the vast amount of work in finding a companion can take. I decided to try out Social Sex first. So to start, the site was actually quite easy to navigate. One of the things I always look for when I am trying to find a site that functions properly is the fact that I don’t want to look at a great deal of detail or instructions. I also absolutely hate having to fill out a huge questionnaire, because realistically I am just looking for sex. If it’s too in-depth, I’m passing on using it. On the contrary, I instantly found that the website was really easy to navigate. How easy is picking out whether or not you are a male or female or a couple? Simple and I really appreciated that ease of use, because like I said, any type of questionnaire will instantly turn me off. Another feature I like is the fact that it was really simple, because then it just asked where I was located. So right from the start, I could tell that the website was all about there users getting laid and nothing more. So it was a perfect start out the gate!

Getting Fully Registered at SocialSex

Okay, here’s where I had quite a bit of fun. After I joined and completed the the initial registration process that involves whether or not you are a female or male, you then get to pick out what you are seeking. This can be anything from a one night stand to having some fun with cybersex. For me, I was not sure what I was looking for because it has been quite some time since my last date, and I really was hoping for something quite drama free. Then again I always get worried that a one night stand can turn into something horrible to deal with and I might end up with a stalker. I felt like my situation would be ideal with some initial sex chat, because then I could get an idea of who I was talking to and what they were into. I also noticed that the website had quite a few different categories to choose from. Realistically, there’s almost anything and everything someone could want! There was even a category called “Have an Affair”, so obviously this website caters to quite a few different people. I also noticed that a category called BDSM caught my attention, because that is something I have always been interested in, but I have never had enough nerve to actually take part in. So for the most part this website was going to lead me in the right direction, I just needed to continue going forward with the website to see what type of matches I was going to end up finding.

SocialSex Positions and Frequency!

As I continued navigating along the website I was asked questions about how frequent I would like my hookups to be and also what were my favorite positions. This is where I felt the website got quite interesting because I could actually start to explore things that I would want to do with someone if I had the opportunity and I felt comfortable with. Like I said, I have not been in the dating world for quite some time, but I feel as though I need to let my vagina have some fun. Another thing I noticed about this website is that the more I started checking out different things, the more I was able to get creative and dig deeper into my sexual deprivation. Once they got to the selection about where I would like to have sex, it got really fun. I have always wanted to have sex in a car or any kitchen, but I have never been able to do that. Therefore this area became really enticing to me because the thought of finding someone that have the same interests as me was quite erotic. Then of course there is also the selection about oral sex. I have always been one of those people that loves to give as much as I love to receive, so it is almost a requirement in my book. Now, the anal sex part to me has always been extremely taboo however I have always been open to entertaining the possibility that it might happen in the future. I think for me it is more of a comfort level than anything. With that said, having all of these options to choose from has been quite exhilarating, because it gives me hope that I am going to be able to find the perfect hook up with this website.

Overall Assessment of

I think this website is really well put together and I think that is going to be ideal for many people that are searching for creativity and looking to explore new horizons within their sexual being. I also think that a middle-aged individual such as myself are going to appreciate the fact that they are able to not only get laid, but not be judged by anyone. The other one thing I did notice about the SocialSex dating website is the fact that there are opportunities to meet couples as well. That can become extremely erotic and fun, because it has always been a fantasy for me. I also think this website would be ideal for someone new in town looking for some fun. The wide variety of different options to choose from will make it really user friendly and even if someone is looking for a one night stand, it is perfect for someone new in town or even traveling. I can’t wait to meet another person on the site and bang them.  My plan is to continue to enjoy some sex dates with women and couples and just see where things go. I am hoping to find some more sexual chemistry with a few different people so that I am able to start fulfilling some of my long term fantasies that I have never been able to explore fully. That being said, it’s always important to becareful before meeting anyone you don’t know. Always start in a public place. Now do yourself a favor and join SocialSex for free today!